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15 June – EU Tech Chamber Women In Tech Commission – Topic: How Women Empower Women

“A strong women stand for herself and a stronger woman stands for everybody else”. Empowering girls and women to reach their full potential changes the world. But what does an actual empowerment look like for different women, in different parts of the world, different cultures, societies and industries? When we support, help, educate, mentor, guide, […]

8 June – EU Tech Chamber German Chapter – After Event

Thank you so much for joining today’s EU Tech Chamber German Chapter Digital Event on “The Impact of AI on Germany’s Industry”! We were delighted to have had Mr. Carsten Kraus Founder and CEO of CK Holding GmbH inside as today’s Key Note Speaker. Special thanks also to our panelists Ansgar Bittermann, CEO of Goldblum, Dr. Maria Parysz, CEO of LogicAI as well as […]

3 June – EU Tech Chamber Energy Council – After Event

With +70 registrants inside our Digital Panel on “Driving e-Mobility with Clean Energy Solutions (SDG 7 & 11)” last week on June 3rd, the Energy Council of the EU Tech Chamber could share key insights delivered by a great round of experts. Many thanks to our Experts included as moderator Alexandra L., Little Lilly World (Belgium) and […]

22 June – EU Tech Chamber Mobility Council – Topic: New solutions in the Logistic Industry

The logistics and transport sector plays an influential role in sustainability and decarbonization by optimizing operations and supply chain. These benefits can be achieved through new solutions in the logistics industry that provide greater efficiency and are significantly based on digitalization and connectivity towards intelligent mobility ecosystems. A notable share of freight traffic in Europe, for […]

24 June – EU Tech Chamber China Chapter – Topic: Food & Beverage Business in China

China hosts one of the most rapidly growing middle-class consumers in the world, which enables tremendous growth for the food & beverage(F&B) industry. In fact, the F&B industry in China has a US$ 700 billion share of the global market, this makes it a capitative scheme for international companies. In recent years, China’s demand for […]

18 June – EU Tech Chamber IoT Council – Topic: Localization Technologies in IoT

Just as GPS geolocation and navigation systems have revolutionized the way we orient ourselves and move, not only indoor geolocation systems can also have a significant impact on the organization of our work and our factories.  As we know, the GPS signal, used to establish global position on the Earth’s surface with an accuracy that […]