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With nearly 97 registrations, today’s Mobility Council Digital Panel of the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) on “New solutions in the Logistic Industry” was a great success. We discussed which technical, commercial and political challenges are relevant in the field of cybersecurity and essential elements of the rail transportation and Open Logistics concept on mobility infrastructure to improve logistical performance.
On behalf of the Mobility Council, we would like to express sincere thanks to our keynote speaker Daniel Jaeggi for his insightful presentation on “New solutions in the Logistic Industry”; to our panelists Georgi Boyadzhiev and Bernd Mattner for contributing a great panel by touching some key topics.

Special thanks also to Javier Lopez, Board Member of the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH), for his comprehensive introduction of EU Tech Chamber, and Serdar Yücel, Director of the EU Tech Chamber Mobility Council for opening and moderating the webinar.
Sincere thanks to all our participants for the event. Stay tuned for our next Mobility Council Digital Panel in July. Find the registration link here:

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