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Thank you so much for joining today’s EU Tech Chamber German Chapter Digital Event on “The Impact of AI on Germany’s Industry”!

We were delighted to have had Mr. Carsten Kraus Founder and CEO of CK Holding GmbH inside as today’s Key Note Speaker.

Special thanks also to our panelists Ansgar Bittermann, CEO of Goldblum, Dr. Maria Parysz, CEO of LogicAI as well as Creator and Leader at Kaggle Days Florian Erlach, President of Dynamic AI56, and Saïd Kamal, Founder of VoluPolis Capital, who shared their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives together with our Key Note Speaker Mr. Carsten Kraus during our panel discussion.

What we gained during this interesting and informative exchange is that in Europe is hugely falling behind the AI power of the US – amongst others due to a lack of education. Screening the situation in Germany, 70 % of AI projects are still failing.

Some key recommendations from our experts were:

✔ CEO’s have to be involved in the AI-strategy
✔ Make sure you get access to your data
✔Structure the data comprehensively
✔ Get the right machine learning
✔ and look for an Advisor who is bringing your company to the next level

Be part of our open discussion on the topic “The Impact of AI on Germany’s Industry” next Tuesday, June 15th!

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